Central America Tour



The Central America Four (Jen, Brian, Blaine, Jenny) along with our 16 items of luggage/equipment hopped on our red eye flight from LAX to San Jose, Costa Rica.  Upon arrival at the San Jose airport, we were met by the Japanese Embassy staff.  We quickly headed over to our hotel to check in, and prep for our first performance that we had later that day.   Our first performance was held at Auditorio Daniel Oduber de la Universidad Estatal a Distancia, as part of the International Percussion Ensemble Festa.   There were a few first time challenges that we faced for this performance such as playing on a concert marimba (normally we play on a Zimbabwean marimba so the keys are different), playing in extreme hot & humid weather, and doing MC talks in Spanish.  I was a bit nervous for my marimba playing and for my Spanish speaking, but everyone was so kind and receptive…especially when we might not have had the best Spanish pronunciation!  We learned the importance of the phrase “Pura Vida” among the people of Costa Rica, and I definitely found myself saying it a lot throughout our stay.  It was raining and thunder storming on and off throughout the evening, and yet our audience members were so kind enough to come out to see our show.  Pura Vida! 


This day was a travel + performance day.  We started out our day with a very scenic 4.5 hour drive from San Jose to Liberia.  We arrived in Liberia around noon.  We were greeted by a few other Liberia staff members, and were invited to have lunch with them.  Lunch was a homemade traditional meatball soup which was delicious.  After lunch, we were taken on a tour around the venue/city of Liberia.  It was really informative and fun getting to learn a little bit of the history of the city.  After our tour, we headed to our hotel to check in and prep for our evening show at the Parroquia Inmaculada Concepcion de Maria.  Parroquia Inmaculada Concepcion de Maria is a large historic church located in the center of what looked like a busy area of the city.  Our challenge at this venue was that there was no AC, so this meant for a very sweaty performance.  Despite the heat and humidity, the performance went well, and we were very appreciative of the people who came out to see our show, and come meet us after the show.  We’re sorry for being SO sweaty and sticky during out meet and greet!!  After our performance, we were invited to dinner.  The restaurant was inside what seemed like a courtyard of one of the hotels in town.  We had a few options from meat to choose from.  I had the chicken and it was delicious!  Also, we came to realize that plantains were basically a part of every meal in Costa Rica.  Both Blaine and I became pretty obsessed with them, and we tried to find and eat them every chance we got. 


We had a few hours of free time before we had to head to the airport on our final day in Costa Rica, so our guides graciously took us to Buena Vista, where we got to play with wild centipedes, learn about coffee making, walk across hanging bridges up in the canopy of the rainforest, and even go ziplining!  Ziplining was something that has been on my bucket list for a very long time, and I was able to experience the thrill for the first time in Costa Rica! I still cannot believe it!  I must say, getting to zipline through a rainforest in Costa Rica is one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had in my life thus far.  I was, and still am, SO happy and thankful for such an awesome experience that I will never forget!  Lunch in Buena Vista was buffet style.  The food, once again, was very delicious.  It consisted of soup, rice, frijoles, plantains, veggies, meat and yucca chips.  After lunch our guides took us to a vantage point that overlooked Buena Vista for a final picture taking session before we had to head back to San Jose.   Once we arrived back in San Jose, we were invited to dinner hosted by Ambassador Ito at his residence.  Both Ambassador Ito and his wife were very welcoming.  We enjoyed an exquisite 5-course Japanese food dinner.

(Photo Credit: Mr. Hideo Kawamoto, Brian Yamagata, Jenny Mimura) 




We were off to our next stop, El Salvador!  We were met by the Japanese Embassy staff upon arrival at the airport in San Salvador.  Our vehicle was escorted by armed guards, who followed us in a police car behind us all the way to our hotel!  We didn’t have any performances this day but in the evening, we were invited by Ambassador Tarahara to have dinner at his residence.  We were once again treated to a delicious and exquisite 5-course dinner consisting Japanese and Salvadorian food.   During dinner, Ambassador Tarahara mentioned that there is a song in El Salvador called “El Torito Pinto” that both he and the audience would love to see incorporated in our performance somehow.  We decided to take on the challenge!     


Show day!  We were able to have a little bit of a late start this morning, which we were very grateful for.  Before heading to the performance venue, we were invited to have lunch with the Japanese embassy staff.  I typically don’t eat beans that much back home in the states, but during this tour, I learned that I really enjoy frijoles.  Frijoles was something that was offered both in Costa Rica and in El Salvador.   I, of course, had to have some plantains in El Salvador as well! SO delicious!  After lunch we headed over to the Teatro Nacional de Santa Ana where we had our performance that evening.  The venue was gorgeous.  It had a very Shakespearean appearance and feel to it.  Soundcheck went smoothly so with the time we had left, we worked out how we would incorporate the piece “El Torito Pinto” into our show per request by Ambassador Tarahara.  We were really curious & a bit nervous as to how the response would be from the audience, but as soon as we began playing the piece, the entire theatre filled with applause and cheering!  We were so happy and thankful for the positive response.  After the show, we did a 15 minute workshop where we pulled a few members of the audience and had them come up to the stage and try out taiko.  Everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun during the workshop.  After the workshop, we had a meet and greet.  To our surprise we had a HUGE line of people waiting for us!  Everyone was so nice and so enthusiastic about our show.  We had some kids come up and tell us they were inspired by our performance…one of them even mentioned that he was going to go home and write a song because we had inspired him to do so.  I wanted to give him a big hug!


Performance #4 at Centro Comercial Galerias!  We had an early morning set up & soundcheck before the mall opened.  The embassy staff took us out to lunch after soundcheck.  We had learned about and expressed interest in trying ‘pupusas’ which is something that Salvadorians eat almost every morning for breakfast.  For this reason, the embassy staff treated us to lunch at a restaurant that served authentic pupusas.  The pupusas were delicious!  We were taught how to properly eat them with our hands only…no utencils!  After lunch, we were taken to a nearby gift shop and famous chocolate shop where we were able to do some omiyage shopping.  We then returned to the mall to get ready for our performance.  We did a 1 hour performance here.   We incorporated the piece El Torito Pinto into our set again, which the audience seemed to really enjoy.  We did a meet and greet after our performance, then packed up and headed back to our hotel afterwards. 

(Photo Credit: Mr. Daisuke Kotani, Jenny Mimura)




Travel day from El Salvador to Tegucigalpa, Honduras, our final leg of the tour!  After meeting the Japanese Embassy staff at the airport in Tegucigalpa, we were driven to our hotel where we spent the rest of the night resting up and getting prepared for the following day, which was a double performance day.


Double performance day!  We headed over to Plaza Central de Tegucigalpa where we had our morning performance.  The venue was an outdoor stage that was located in a plaza in the middle of Tegucigalpa.  Acropolis, a Garifuna group based in Tegucigalpa, did a 30 minute performance, then we followed with a 30 minute performance.  We were asked if we could do a collaboration piece with Acropolis at the end of our evening show that day, so we took a little bit of time after our morning performances to brainstorm and rehearse together.  Acropolis taught us 3 rhythms/patterns that were standard to Garifuna, then some of us took turns taking solos over these rhythms.  I had not heard of Garifuna before so it was such a wonderful/new experience to be able to collaborate with Acropolis.  We think that this was the first time ever that Garifuna and Taiko have been seen together!  After our morning performance & rehearsal with Acropolis, we headed back to the hotel for a quick lunch, then we were off to Teatro Nacional Manuel Bonilla where we had our 6th and final performance of the tour.  Similar to the theatre we performed at in El Salvador, Teatro Nacional Manuel Bonilla also had a very Shakespearean appearance and feel to it.  The collaboration piece with Acropolis was received well by the audience as well.  After the show, to our surprise, there was a HUGE meet and greet line.  It was so fun getting to see and speak to the audience members individually, and getting to mingle with them for a little while after the show.  We cannot thank everyone enough for taking time out of their evening to come out to see our performance. 


This was our final full day of the tour.  We started off the day with a live TV interview and performance for a local TV station in Tegucigalpa.    In the afternoon, we had a workshop at The American School of Tegucigalpa.  The school was located on top of a hill, with a great view of the city below.  There was a huge indoor gym where we did a 2 hour taiko basics class for about 30 high school and a few elementary school students.  The workshop was led by Blaine with Jen, Brian and myself assisting where needed.  We recognized some of the students for they were part of Acropolis, whom we had performed with the night before.  The students were all wonderful, attentive, and great learners!  We were able to get through the lines of the piece titled “Renshu.”  Our hope is that one day we will see a taiko group emerge from Tegucigalpa!  After the workshop, we headed to Ambassador Matsui’s residence where we were invited to an exquisite full course Japanese food dinner.  The Ambassador’s residence was at the top of what looked like the highest hill in Tegucigalpa.  The view from his backyard was absolutely beautiful.  Ambassador Matsui felt most comfortable speaking in Japanese, so I tried my best to be the Japanese to English translator.  It was great practice for me!  After enjoying dinner with Ambassador Matsui, we decided to have one final ‘kampai’ at the hotel bar.  2 of the Japanese embassy staff members joined us, and we all had a really fun time getting to know each other a little more!


Homeward bound!  Our final breakfast/lunch consisted of donuts and McDonalds at the airport.  I am so thankful for this opportunity to perform and share taiko with the people of Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Honduras.  I hope that we will be able to continue to get to share & spread taiko to the world, and meet new people & make new friends along the way.  We would like to thank The Japan Foundation and all of the embassies and embassy staff member for their kindness, support, hospitality, and for providing us with this once in a lifetime opportunity.  Thank you VERY much!!     


Hello TAIKOPROJECT blog readers! Thank you for joining us here on our website and blog, please feel free to browse through our various media pages and past blogs to see what our group has been up to this year. Our blog is a great way to catch up on our bigger productions throughout the year so don't miss out and check in again soon! :)

On June 18, 2017 we held our annual Rhythmic Relations show at the Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro, Ca.  This year was a special show because for the first half of the concert we had the chance to share the stage with our friends from Bombu Taiko and the Kitsune Performing Ensemble and the second half we collaborated with the talented members of Cirque Bezerk.  Most of you probably already know of taiko but you're probably wondering, "What the heck is Cirque Bezerk?". Cirque Bezerk, lead by Suzanne Down and choreography by SuzeQ, is a troupe that excels in the circus style of performances from acrobats to cyr wheels, they do it all! At first it is hard to imagine the two different styles of performance and how they would work together, but with the hard work from both organizations it created a new visual to our pieces that was both intriguing and stunning. Some of my favorite parts was when Monique, a rhythmic gymnast, performed during Seiza showing feats of flexibility and strength and the incredible tumbling performed by Jordan and Ed during Expanding added a whole new level of flare and excitement. Tosca, the cyr wheel artist, completely re imagined our song Kodama and left the audience and members of our taiko family jaw dropped in the wings of the stage. It was both beautiful and elegant, and she made it look so effortless as she spun on the cyr wheel. It really was fun show and everyone worked so hard to make this production come together, so thank you Bombu Taiko, Kitsune Taiko, and Cirque Berzerk for making this all happen. Thank you to the staff at the Warner Grand for all your help behind the scenes. A huge thank you to Scott LeGrand for the wonderful lighting of the stage and Glenn Suravech for the pristine audio work to make us sound awesome.  With another Rhythmic Relations show in the books it makes me curious and excited to see who we will work with next in our future shows. 

Fort Wayne Cherry Blossom Festival

On May 4th to May 7th, TAIKOPROJECT had the chance to return to Fort Wayne, Indiana to participate in their annual Cherry Blossom Festival.  The last time we were a part of the Cherry Blossom Festival was in 2010, so it was great to return and work with our friends from Fort Wayne Taiko.

On May 4th our Artistic Director, Maz Baba, headed to Fort Wayne before the rest of the cast to lead two taiko intensive workshops for Fort Wayne Taiko in preparation for their concert that will take place later this year in November.  One of the songs they will be performing is one of TAIKOPROJECT’s open source pieces Omiyage, so Maz worked with them to fine tune the piece to be performance ready. The second workshop focused on katsugi okedo playing for The Stroll.

Maz with Fort Wayne Taiko!

Two Workshops. One Day. Good Times!

The following day, Jen, Brian, Liz and Doug made their way to Fort Wayne from Los Angeles and spent the whole day traveling first to Chicago and then a second short plane ride to Fort Wayne. Some of the highlights were flying over Lake Michigan and power walking through O’Hare Airport. Once we landed we were taken to our respective home-stays and rested up for the long day ahead.

On Saturday May 6th, we had to wake up early and head to Trine University for a public taiko workshop and evening concert at the T. Furth Center of the Performing Arts.  The workshop consisted of learning the stance, striking the drum, and playing lines of Renshuu and Oroshi.  The turnout was great for the workshop and we had students, families, and members of the community in attendance to learn about the Japanese art form of Taiko drumming.  After our workshop, we took a quick lunch break at a nearby deli and then headed back to the theater to begin spiking the stage and making sure sound and lighting were on point. 

After a run through of the show with transitions and jet lag beginning to settle in, we got to spend a couple of hours resting at a nearby lake house that is owned by one of the members in Fort Wayne Taiko.  Much needed yummy snacks and a beautiful view of the lake helped us relax and mentally recharge for the evening show.  The show went smoothly and after the performance the audience met us with kind words of praise and how they enjoyed the concert. One of the audience members in attendance is the owner of a restaurant and offered to discount our meal if we went to eat there that night, so we quickly packed up the equipment and headed over to enjoy a post-performance meal. Even though the concert was over, there was still a full day at the Cherry Blossom Festival so we headed home to rest.

Concert time!

                                   Let's Do It!!!

On Sunday May 7th, we made our way to the Fort Wayne Library where the Cherry Blossom Festival took place.  The festival was complete with Japanese inspired food, activities, and many demonstrations of traditional dance, martial arts, music and fine arts.  What was even more exciting was our friends from Fort Wayne Taiko performed too, so we had the opportunity to watch them take the stage with radiant energy and passion. However, we couldn’t be audience members for too long because we had a total of four twenty minute performances to do, two on the outside stage and two in the indoor theater, so we needed to be just as energetic and ready as our friends. All the performances turned out great and it was so much fun to see the Fort Wayne Taiko youth classes perform too.  It is inspiring to see the next generation of taiko players and see where they will take taiko next. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay too long after our last performance due to our travel arrangements so we headed straight for the airport for our trek back home to Los Angeles.

Though our trip was very fast paced with little time to breathe, it really was a lot of fun to teach about taiko and strengthen the ties with Fort Wayne Taiko. We would like to thank Fort Wayne Taiko for showing such generosity and kindness on this tour by housing us and letting us use their equipment for the workshop and concert.  You made this trip very enjoyable and we hope that you had just as much fun as we did. We would also like to thank the Fort Wayne Cherry Blossom Committee for inviting us to play at the festival. There is such a wonderful community and it was an honor to play taiko for your event.  

Uniqlo Disney Springs Grand Opening

Time: July 14. 2016 1:20am, Place: LAX, Personnel: Maz, Courtney, Jen and Doug.  It was finally time for Operation: Uniqlo Disney Springs Grand Opening Performances.  The team gathered in the early hours in the morning to take a red eye flight to Orlando, Florida where we would perform three performances for the opening of Uniqlo in Disney Springs.  After our flight we headed straight to our hotel and enjoyed a little brunch by the pool side and we slowly became acclimated to the humid Florida summer weather.  Luckily we had the chance to get a power nap in before our performances for the VIP event that evening.  The night was complete with sake barrel breaking, early sneak peeks to the merchandise, and delicious food from Chef Morimoto’s restaurant a few buildings away.  Our dressing room happened to also be the preparation area for the caterer and they handed us trays full of food. It was AWESOME!!  

After our performance we headed back to the hotel to get some rest before the early performances the next day for the grand opening to welcome guests to the new Uniqlo.  I had a really good time performing for the guests and they seemed to enjoy the music by clapping along and taking videos. After the second performance Maz and Courtney had to head back to LA for the Weekend Intensive lead by TP so Jen and I held down the fort for the last show… that happened to get rained out. So we quickly rushed the drums back inside and kept the drums dry before they were picked up by Matsuriza. 

Matsuriza performs at Disney World’s Epcot Park and they were gracious enough to allow us to use their drums during our stay here and take us out to dinner afterwards. Thank you Matsuriza for being so hospitable and friendly during our stay, I hope to one day watch you guys perform at Epcot if I ever make my way back to Orlando! Congratulations Uniqlo on a successful opening weekend at your new Disney Springs location and thank you for inviting us to perform!

2016 Year-in-Review

As we come to the close of our 16th year, I am filled with gratitude for all the hard work and efforts of our cast and the support and love from our supporters, friends, and family.  I'm amazed that year after year, we are able to continue sharing our art and expanding our programs, and that what started as a simple idea, spurred on by my mentors Jerry Yoshitomi and the late Duane Ebata, has continued to grow, evolve, and thrive. 

With that, a quick look back at another busy year!  We started the year doing some Kabuki training with the amazing David Furumoto in preparation for future educational programs.  Then we made another major televised appearance, this time on The Late Late Show with James Corden, participating in a musical sketch with bandleader Reggie Watts.  It was a lot of fun and great working with Reggie and James on set.

Then we headed out for our major spring tour to two outstanding performing arts venues; the beautiful Ordway Center for the Performing Arts in St. Paul, Minnesota, and the historic Cache Valley Center for the Arts in Logan, Utah.  We were met with fantastic audiences at both locations, and met up with numerous taiko groups on the road as well!  While we were on tour, an article featuring our taiko classes came out in the Los Angeles Times, which has resulted in our largest adult beginner taiko classes to date. 

In the Summer, we opened the new Ford Theatres in Hollywood with a new collaboration with the Grammy-winning band Quetzal, blending taiko with Chican@ rock music and debuting several new songs.  After Obon, we sent a team out to the Indiana State Fair for a 19-day run, and then the team came back together to perform in a two-week run of our new show "Road to Kumano" with Chieko Kojima, the world's leading female taiko artist.  We have performed in productions at East West Players, the nation's leading Asian American theatre company before, but this was the first time we partnered with them to present a show of our own. 

Two weeks after the show closed, we headed out on the road again for our most extensive Pacific Northwest tour, performing in venues in Ontario, Portland, Bend, and Klamath Falls, Oregon, and Olympia, Washington.  Afterwards, we traveled around the country in small teams performing for Uniqlo store openings in Orlando, FL, Denver, CO, Boston, MA, Tysons Corner, VA, and Ontario, CA.  We closed out the year leaving our taiko at home and heading to Pasadena to celebrate the wedding of our own performing member Liz!

We have a lot planned for 2017, including two major performances of our collaboration with Ryutaro Kaneko in Wisconsin and Nebraska, and Rhythmic Relations 2017!  More performances are being scheduled for Summer, and a Southwestern U.S. tour in Fall.  Thank you all for your love and support this year, and look forward to seeing you all in 2017!



Road to Kumano

With our upcoming show “Road to Kumano” premiering in just a few weeks, I thought I would take a look back at our on-going partnership with East West Players, the nation’s pre-eminent Asian American theatre company.

I first got involved with EWP 18 years ago in 1998, right after I graduated from USC and was working full-time for the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center (JACCC).  EWP was making their historic move from their small black box 99-seat theatre space to their current 240-seat theatre in Little Tokyo.  The opening production was “Pacific Overtures,” and featured an amazing all-star cast of actors, singers, and dancers.  It was a two-month performance run and watching the performers shine every night was inspiring.  Not only were they amazingly talented, they also had so much fun with each other--it was really one of the most fun shows I’ve ever done. 

Pacific Overtures (1998)

Pacific Overtures (1998)


That same year, EWP produced a holiday show directed by Deb Nishimura, and there was a short taiko drumming/dance number that I was asked to develop with the cast.  In 1999, I filled in for David Cheung for a few performances of “Carry the Tiger to the Mountain,” featuring Beulah Quo and Reggie Lee.

Dance & Sing for the Holidays (1998)

Dance & Sing for the Holidays (1998)

In 2005, we were asked to return to EWP to provide a musical soundscape for “Equus,” featuring the inimitable George Takei.  This was a bigger creative challenge for us—trying to create the right music and sounds to augment and support the actors onstage and to advance the story.

Equus (2005)

Equus (2005)

In 2012, we were honored to receive the Visionary Award from EWP at their annual gala dinner due to our representation of Asian American artistry in mainstream shows such as The Voice, The X-Factor, the 2011 Grammy Awards, the 2009 Academy Awards, and other various music videos and appearances.  This still stands as one of the few times our group has actually gotten dressed up (see below).

EWP Visionary Awards (2012)

EWP Visionary Awards (2012)

Finally, that brings us to 2016 and our co-presentation with East West Players on “Road to Kumano.”  We are honored to be a part of EWP’s 51st Anniversary season and to join such a long and storied list of productions.  As the first show at EWP to feature taiko drumming as its central focus, we are excited to show the musical and emotional range of our instrument.  It will truly be unlike any show we have done before.  Not only that, but we get to share the stage with one of the foremost taiko artists in the world, Chieko Kojima of KODO.  If you haven’t seen her perform live, then you haven’t seen how amazing taiko can be.  Her blend of power and grace is unparalleled.

So, there you have it.  Almost twenty years of collaboration between TAIKOPROJECT and East West Players, culminating in “Road to Kumano” next month.  My experiences performing for EWP’s productions over the years have helped shape our direction as a taiko ensemble—not just in creating music, but in finding visually creative ways to stage shows and to use story and narrative to heighten emotive impact.  Thank you to Tim Dang, Snehal Desai, and East West Players for this opportunity, and we hope to see you all at the show!

Road to Kumano (2016)

Road to Kumano (2016)

Road to Kumano runs Sept. 15-25, 2016 at the David Henry Hwang Theatre at East West Players.  Tickets and info: http://www.eastwestplayers.org/on-the-stage/road-to-kumano/

Vine Elementary School

On 4/29 our ArtsTeach adventures took Jen and the Boys (Bryan, Maz, David, Doug) out to Vine Elementary School in West Covina. Just to keep things interesting and on our toes that day, we tried to mix up the instrumentation a little in our set. New challenges are always fun, right? Can anyone spot the difference?

As always, we had a great time sharing and interacting with the kids. Thanks for being so great, Vine Elementary! Hope to visit you again soon.


NPUSA National Conference

Last weekend, Courtney, Jen, Yumi, Doug, Jenny, and I had the opportunity to perform for the NPUSA National Conference that was held at the Wyndham Hotel in Anaheim. It was a fun set with a special twist - for our final number (Here We Go Now!), we were joined by Benjamin Ritter, the National Director of Sales! Benjamin has a background in drum line, so it was a fun little surprise for him to join us on stage before delivering his opening speech to the conference goers. Thanks for joining us, Benjamin!

After the performance, we loaded up our equipment and some of us took a special lunch trip to Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney. My favorite thing about Earl of Sandwich is that it can be Thanksgiving year-round! I love that holiday sandwich. I'm drooling just thinking about it. Yummmmm. (Also, it turns out Downtown Disney is GREAT for Pokemon Go. Just...you know...FYI).

After lunch, most of us went our separate ways--but Jen, Jenny, and I were all free for a few more hours, so Jenny swiped Jen and I into California Adventures for FREE! Those sure are some nice work perks, Jenny! Thanks for taking me to the happiest place on Earth!

The three of us searched the park high and low on a quest to be the very best and caught some awesome Pokemon! Overall, I'd call it a pretty great day.

'Til next time, TP fans!


John Lin Golf Tournament

On Wednesday, June 15, we performed at the John Lin Golf Tournament at the Coyote Hills Golf Course. Maz, David, and I had a blast performing for this event. We performed to kickoff the tournament. It was a nice day so it was great performing outside and a perfect day to have a golf tournament. Everyone was really nice and gracious at the event.

Thank you to everyone involved! We really enjoyed performing!


Stone Creek Elementary

Summer is now in full swing which means school is out and there will be many summer festivals to be attended.  On June 3rd, TAIKOPROJECT had the honor to make a repeat performance at Stone Creek Elementary School in Irvine for an outdoor evening performance.  The outdoor event had different booths and activities for the students and their families, one of which was an Italian Ice vendor and it looked amazing on such a warm day!  I don't often get to report from the audience perspective, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to watch my friends perform and take some performance photos for the blog!

Maz, Courtney, Yumi, Liz and David all braved the Friday traffic to make it to Irvine and when I arrived all the drums were set up and the team was going over their set near by in the shade.  After surprising the team with a quick hello, I made my way into the audience and tried to find a shaded place to stand. Being an outdoor performance with a festival sort of atmosphere, the team kicked off the performance with a very energetic Midare Uchi. Once David played the first beat of the song, I could tell it sparked the interest of all the kids playing in the soccer field and the crowd began to form really quick. The set included classics like Expanding and Many Sides, and some newer works like Illustrate Flying, overall it was a complete set covering our varied repertoire and I think the families enjoyed the performance.

Like most school shows, the part we enjoy the most is when students get the opportunity to play the taiko drums.  The excitement and the smiles on their faces always reminds me of how important it is to keep spreading the word about taiko and the joy it gave me when I first learned how to play. Great job to the TP5 putting on an awesome performance and thank you Stone Creek Elementary for inviting us to perform again! Hope you have a great summer break and we hope to visit your school again soon!

ArtsTeach Showcase

For the past three years, TAIKOPROJECT has been involved with the ArtsTeach program through the Segerstrom Center of the Arts located in Costa Mesa. Our educational program, Big Rhythms Big Drums, has brought taiko drumming to numerous schools in the greater LA and OC counties.  Teaching about the history of taiko in Japan, how taiko traveled to the US, and learning about the different drums that we play, students get a full musical and educational assembly packed with high energy bringing taiko into the modern age.

Maz, David and I had the opportunity to perform at the ArtsTeach showcase to promote our Big Rhythms Big Drums program in hopes to bring taiko drumming to even more schools this year. We are thankful to be a part of the ArtsTeach program and having the opportunity to share our love of taiko drumming and music to the next generation of musicians.

Carden Conejo School

Hello TP blog readers!  Thank you for following us through our busy and exciting 2016 thus far, and let me tell you there is so much more to come!  This summer on July 8th, we will be collaborating with Quetzal, the LA based Grammy Award-winning Chicano Rock band, at the Ford Amphitheater in Hollywood, Ca. We will be showcasing some of our work reimagined and perfectly blended with musical flavors from each group.  If you are interested in this concert, reserve your ticket for Concrete Saplings today by following this link http://fordtheatres.org/en/events/details/id/1021. Hope to see you there!

In other news, on May 20th, Maz, David, Jen, Blaine and I made our way to Carden Canejo School in Westlake Village for an ArtsTeach educational program. As we were unpacking our equipment and loading the drums into the multipurpose room, we got a little preview of what the music classes have been learning this year.  They were studying notes on the scale and determining if the note is a sharp, flat, or natural. We all had a good laugh when the kids all shouted, “It’s a B normal!” and the teacher shouted back “No, it’s a B NATURAL!”.

The kids were very attentive and they seemed to enjoy the performance, during some of the pieces I could see the students patting their laps along with the music.  The audience participation section of our program is probably the most exciting for us because we allow the students come up and try playing the taiko drums. We had two groups this time and both groups sounded like one big taiko drum playing oroshi together. It was very impressive! Thank you for having us Carden Conejo and we hope you enjoyed learning about taiko drumming!

Longfellow Elementary School

On May 4th, Drowsy David and SaruMaz the Color blind drove the van down to Long Beach for a school show at Longfellow Elementary School.  There, we met up with Bearded Bryan, Leapin' Liz, and Mr. Doug.  We loaded in, changed into costume, talked about our set, and stretched.

The kids filled the school auditorium and when the clock struck 10:10 am, we started off with Expanding, a TAIKOPROJECT favorite.  Our school show is geared to be high energy while we educate the kids about taiko.  My favorite is the student participation section where we teach the kids "oroshi", a drum roll from slow to fast.  It's exciting to see the kids play taiko for the very first time.

After the performance, we loaded up and headed our separate ways.  It's a good feeling to educate the world out there about the beauty of taiko.


Amada Miyachi Grand Opening

Hola, Blaine here,

On April 28th, TP visited the Amada Miyachi corporation's grand opening for their new location in Monrovia. Amada Miyachi has been around since the 40's, providing  some super high quality resistance welding for anything from dental equipment to electric vehicles.  They thought it would be fitting to invite TP to play for their grand opening, and I think it went really well.

That's all for now.  Don't forget to fill out the Taiko Census this week!

Serrano Intermediate School

Back in March, we had the privilege to perform twice at the Serrano Intermediate School in Lake Forest as part of our ArtsTeach Program. The cast for that day was Maz, Liz, Brian, Jen, and myself. We arrived at the school bright and early got straight to work. We unloaded all of the equipment into a large, beautiful gym and prepped everything we needed for the shows.

We ended the shows with audience participation with both the students and teachers getting the opportunity to play some taiko! It was refreshing to be on stage, sharing our culture and musical backgrounds to the students. It was also a great morning work out! :)


Ponderosa Elementary

On March 15th Maz, David, Doug, Jen and Liz had the pleasure of visiting Ponderosa Elementary School in Anaheim, CA. We got to perform for the students in three separate assemblies on a beautiful outdoor stage. As the sun came up, we all warmed up, woke up, and had a wonderful day.

The scholars at this school were so excited to be out in the sun participating in Taiko. They were, as a whole, extremely polite and very friendly. There was a huge group of kids that voluntarily skipped recess to hang out with us and talk to us about all things Taiko. They wanted to know how to join the team, how to get our cool shoes, and when our birthdays were. They were really sweet!

                                The TP Cast (left to right) David, Liz, Doug, Jen and Maz!

                                The TP Cast (left to right) David, Liz, Doug, Jen and Maz!

All things considered, the experience was a fulfilling one. It was enriching for the mind, body and soul, and it was one I won't soon forget. Thank you, Ponderosa Elementary!

- Liz

MPK Cherry Blossom Festival

Hello TP blog readers! Welcome to our blog! Here you will get to read (or watch when we have video blogs or vlogs) all about what TAIKOPROJECT has been working on so far in 2016.  Whether it is collaborating with various artists or getting a glimpse of life on tour, this is the place to read all about it.  Be sure to check back again soon so you don’t miss a moment of the action!

On Saturday April 16, TAIKOPROJECT and our classes at the TAIKOPROJECT Academy made our way to Barnes Park for a performance at the annual Monterey Park Cherry Blossom Festival.  This performance is always a lot of fun because we get to perform alongside our students to showcase all of their hard work and dedication that they put into their taiko education. We had performances by the Intermediate Youth Class, Kitsune Performing Ensemble, Intermediate Adult Class and Bombu Taiko. Everyone did a wonderful job and we hope that you had just as much fun as we did.  If you are interested in taking taiko classes with TAIKOPROJECT please check out our new website at www.taikoprojectacademy.com for more information. Thank you for having us again at the Monterey Park Cherry Blossom Festival, it is always enjoyable with such a great crowd (and great food too!).

In current events, TAIKOPROJECT is about to hit the road to take our Surrounding Suns program to St. Paul, Minnesota (Saturday April 23rd at the Ordway Center of the Performing Arts) and Logan, Utah (Tuesday April 26th at the Cache Valley Center of the Arts).  If you are in the area, we would love to see you there! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@TAIKOPROJECT) to see the cast backstage and traveling across the country.  Thanks for reading and we hope you drop by again soon!


Rinban Ito's 40th Anniversary

Last Sunday, April 10, we performed along with our sister group Bombu Taiko, for Rinban Ito's 40th Anniversary celebration at the Japanese American National Museum.  Rinban Ito has been one of our biggest supporters over the years and we owe much to him and Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple for providing a home for us for so many years (14 to date)  It all started way back in 2002 when Higashi was one of the few temples remaining that didn't have a taiko group, and I was still in the early stages of developing TAIKOPROJECT.  In exchange for starting up taiko classes for kids and adults, Rinban Ito let us rehearse at Higashi, and over the years, the relationship formalized and we became more successful, allowing us to give back to the temple more.  We also became more engrained in the temple community and life--many of our Bombu members became very active at the temple, and every Obon, members of TP make about 15 gallons of teriyaki sauce for the Beef Box and Chicken Teriyaki Dinner booths!

Alan Miyatake

Alan Miyatake

All in all, we are grateful to be a part of the Higashi family and look forward to many more years at the temple.  Thank you Rinban Ito and Janet for all your support, and congratulations on your 40 years of service to the temple! 

Alan Miyatake

Alan Miyatake

- Bryan

Las Palmas Elementary

Another Friday, another school show!  On March 4th, Drowsy David and Mazatron headed out in the early morning down the 5 in the "fixed van" (see Courtney's blog from the week before) and picked up Bearded Bryan, Jen Jen, and Mr. Doug at Mr. Doug's in Irvine and headed down to Las Palmas Elementary in San Clemente.  We stopped for a McBreakfast since we had three school shows.  Needed some nourishment to power through!

It has been a while since we've had a three assembly school program, so we had to dig deep to make sure every show was high energy.  The kids' excitement helped us power through the whole day.  Thanks for having us Las Palmas Elementary!


Country Hills Elementary

TP goes Under Da Sea!   . . .  I mean Country Hills Elementary.  On Friday February 26, we headed to Jen's hometown of Chino Hills to perform at the blue ribbon awarded school which recognizes and honors schools for their academic excellence.  And excellent they were!  The students filed in the most organized and quiet entrance and were attentive, engaged and actively participating.  What more could we ask for!  We played two shows on a stage with an underwater theme. =D

David, Jen, Courtney, Maz and Bryan getting ready to perform at Country Hills Elementary!

David, Jen, Courtney, Maz and Bryan getting ready to perform at Country Hills Elementary!

In fact, we loved this school SO much that we didn't want to leave.  in fact, we couldn't leave as we discovered our van wouldn't start.  But, worry not, we got the van going thanks to AAA and were soon on our way.  

Until next time!